Born from the imagination of two friends, one loves cycling, the other coffee, hospitality for both, the Nature BAO concept aimed to bring together several complementary activities. Linking well-being and the local for a Good, Authentic and Original holiday, Nature BAO offers the rental of rooms, bicycles, a coffee break roasted on site or an activity in the Alpes Maritimes.

This graphic guideline was not retained by the client.

  • NatureBAO
  • Coffee + Hotel + Bicycle + Trips
  • Identity + Communication

Nature BAO brings together 4 brands:

Each brand has an associated visual
for communication and signs.

A temple of coffee. Café BAO is a point of sale and tasting of organic and fair trade coffee,
roasting on site, small local delicacies and refreshments…

Who says business concept
says graphic concept.

A Café BAO in a Maison BAO hotel, bike rental in a Café BAO, the charter adapts to the message on very different media.

Our artistic choice fell on the age-old art of collage, initiated by André Breton and Pablo Picasso.
We have chosen a few strong images for each activity in order to create a visual language, allowing to mix the communication of the brands.

Maison BAO are small hotels with a strong character, with management
reasoned and with the BAO atmosphere.

For signage, facades and points of sale,
the logo, the hand and the color determine the mark.
The system is simple since it adapts to the place without distorting it.
This is the BAO philosophy.

Vélo BAO, for lovers of cycling,
offers shops and bikes rental points,
equipments and accessories, advices…

Present on the web…
NatureBAO wishes to have an active presence in the digital space: websites, emailing, social’s networks.
The graphic system is designed to be adapted to this format: flexible illustrations,
GoogleFont typography, simplified graphics.

Séjour BAO applies the BAO philosophy to activities and events
original, for short or long stays.

Flexible charter
Given the diversity of formats, the brand universe applies the logo, typography and graphic language with maximum flexibility.
This method maximizes visual impact on any medium.
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