UOVO change
and become UOVO

How about changing the logo?

Making the decision to redesign its graphic guideline is not easy. Costs, loss of customer bearings, fear of change, poor understanding of one’s identity or the competition…

This is why you use a creative agency. She will have the sufficient distance to appreciate your company as a whole and to propose adapted graphic solutions.

For a creative agency, it is even more complicated. No distance — a creative agency prefers to create its own logo — and it is also a showcase that illustrates its creativity and its ability to communicate.


So, as for you, we have produced specifications, with graphic context, competition, keywords, copy-strategy and trend boards.

This document is the common thread for this delicious moment of creation where we let our imagination run wild to make original graphic proposals.

Full logo
Without icotype
Without baseline
Icotype and Favicon
Black and white
After multiple tests and internal exchanges, we decided to simply revamp our logo, and to enrich its minimalist brand universe. The logo having a good reputation, it was useless to shake up its codes.
Discover the graphic guideline
We like the result very much, keeping a mascot today is in itself original.
At a time of typographic simplification of major brands (article to read here),
not following a trend also allows you to be noticed in a competitive landscape.
Because too much is the enemy of good…