The AFA brings together the hotel owners of the Accor franchise… and this year, the association is gathering in the south of France to attend its annual general meeting.


Welcome Toulouse !
  • Association des Franchisés Accor
  • Hotel
  • 25 and 26 march 2019
  • Toulouse, FRANCE
  • Event + Communication
  • © Just M Photographes
This year, a cocktail was organized the day before for the newcomer.
“La Biche sur le toit”, an establishment that allows you to appreciate Toulouse on the roof of Galeries Lafayette.
For the graphic identity of these 2 days, we have chosen to stage the city with the theme of the gala dinner, and the city of Toulouse: aeronautics.
With the support of the Palais des Congrés teams, and in close collaboration with the client, we organize the plenary of the congress, and we optimize the stands of the Partner-Supplier Village on the plan.
We manage the scenography, the caterer, the staff and all the technical aspects of the event.
At UOVO, we like to host.
It is for this reason that the gala dinner is an important moment for us.
Gourmet meals, privileged place, amazing entertainment, we put the small dishes in the big ones for this memorable evening.
This year, guests enjoyed the cuisine of chef Jérémy Morin under the wings of the Aéroscopia planes.
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