Subsidiary of the Huchez group, this young brand is revolutionizing the stage machinery of theaters by reducing the work of hangers with its Easy Rope system.

  • Huchez On Stage
  • Theater machinery
  • Identity + Communication

Taking over the Huchez logo, “On Stage” appears behind a veil, a theater curtain, as if Huchez was unveiling a new activity based on an already existing know-how. The symbol of the curtain points the corner upwards, taking up the idea of the business activity, lifting, supported by the shadow of the curtain which adds an idea of height.



RED   2% / 98% / 85% /  7%
BLACK   0% / 0% / 0% / 92%


RED   214 / 24 / 38
BLACK   56 / 55 / 54


RED   1797C
BLACK   Black C


RED   3020
BLACK   7015


RED   #d61826
BLACK   #373636


The typography takes up the idea of the inscriptions on the flycases used by the stage technicians, illustrating the technical side to the activity of Huchez on Stage.

The logo and a simplified graphic guideline was requested from us for the brand, but also the logo of the product which will be affixed to the machinery.

We also produced the publishing supports.
Business cards of course, but also the commercial brochure and event materials for a stand.
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